She has had an illustrious career in the Internal Revenue Service of the Government of Pakistan for 38 years. Her expertise lies in tax reforms and policymaking, tax administration, and dissemination of modern management techniques to both practitioners and taxpayers.

She holds an M.Phil in Economics and an MBA from JF Kennedy University, California, USA. She has attended Harvard University, Royal Institute of Public Administration (RIPA), London and LUMS Lahore for her academic and professional learning. She has served as Commissioner and Chief Commissioner of Income Tax. She was the Official Spokesperson of the Federal Board of Revenue for four years. In her role as Member Facilitation & Tax Education FBR, she headed several taxpayers’ education projects across the country in close coordination with international funding organizations including World Bank. She is responsible for orchestrating close coordination between FBR and NADRA for the purpose of data sharing and diffusion. She also held the portfolio of Federal Secretary CADD (Capital Administration Development Division).