The objectives of the institute are:

  1. To provide education in Pakistan and International taxes and to award certificates, diplomas and professional qualifications in these disciplines;
  2. To provide short certification courses in direct and indirect taxes to students and industry executives;
  3. To provide applied training and professional development courses in taxation, fiscal matters, corporate laws, finance and other business-related subjects and issues to members of the institute;
  4. To provide Federal and Provincial Governments consultation, suggestions, input and feedback in formulation of budgets and fiscal policies.
  5. To coordinate and cooperate with local and foreign institutes, universities, professional accountancy bodies and Bar Associations in promoting the objects of the institute;
  6. To develop a sense of regard for discipline, better morals, integrity, academic and practical knowledge etc. among tax professionals to perform tax related services with due care, responsibility and professional ethics;
  7. To undertake, promote, participate in or contribute, to enhance the fiscal awareness and knowledge among people and industries relating to objects of the institute.;
  8. To assist the deserving students by providing financial assistance to attain necessary qualification and training to enable them to earn their livelihood honorably. For this purpose, the Institute may receive the grants and donations from philanthropic citizens and businesses.
  9. The Institute may engage in all the lawful activities required to pursue its objects and shall be authorized to take all necessary steps and actions in connection therewith and ancillary thereto.