List of Forms prescribed under Bye-laws

Form No. Title Bye-Law
I Register of Members 5
II Application for Registration as Member 8
III Application for Re-registration as Member 8
IV Certificate of Membership 11
V Application for Certificate of Member in Practice 12
VI Certificate of Member in Practice 12
VII Certificate of Extension in Member in Practice 12
VIII Application for Advancement in Membership 13
IX Notice for Change in Personal Data 14
X Nomination for Election of the Council 23
XI Application for Admission as Student 102
XII Application for Re-admission as Student 102
XIII Register of Students 111
XIV Application for Examination Registration 115
XV CTM Completion Certificate 120
XVI CTA Completion Certificate 120
XVII CTA Level Passing Certificate 120
XVIII Application for Exemption from CTM Examination 121
XIX Application for Exemption from CTA Examination 121
XX Notice for Particulars of Offices and Firms 141