Institute of Taxation of Pakistan has been established as the first and foremost educational body in Pakistan, which will be playing an active role in supporting the government’s initiatives for developing tax administration and tax policies in the country. The Institute is deeply committed to lending active support to policymakers in building an efficient and innovative tax system that serves a successful economy and a fair society. The Institute is also committed to developing the tax profession, regulating its members and playing its role in serving the best interests of national taxpayers in a changing world scenario. To prompt its core objectives the Institute has joined the International Fiscal Association (IFA) as an institutional member.

Taxation sensitivity to the economic stability demands that present-day tax students be educated on the issues like global tax issues, financial sustainability, and fiscal policy‐making. The establishment of the Institute has provided a perfect opportunity to carefully consider and focus on these evolving needs of the profession. For this, a germane curriculum has been developed that is well‐aligned with the local needs as well as that of the international institutes.

The Institute’s qualification, Certified Tax Advisor (CTA), is the touchstone in tax and the international mark of excellence in tax advisory. We have benchmarked our education program against the premier in the world. The continued development of our syllabus, delivery model, and modern assessment methods would ensure that our CTAs will have the skills and knowledge they need to meet the dynamic needs of their workplaces and society.