Why to Attend This Course:

Reaching to the top most position is goal of every finance, accounts and tax staff could be achieved more quickly if one has in depth knowledge of taxation. Any value addition in the form of reducing the tax impact will add lot of value to sponsors. Tax practitioners may enjoy their career if their advice / consulting yields optimum tax planning. These makes this course best suited.

Who Should Attend This Course?

Top level staff to involve in day-to-day decision and strategic policy making. Tax personals dealing with regulators. Practitioners who intend to enjoy reputation of highest rank. 

Program Overview:

  • Sales Tax Act 1990:
    • Standard, reduced and further tax
    • Computation of
    • Input not allowed
    • Filing of Returns and revisions
    • Assessments and appeals
  • Provincial sales tax laws:
    • Rationale behind the laws
    • Definition of service and taxable services
    • Sales tax rates comparison of provinces
    • Principle of origin and reverse charge mechanism
  • Sales tax advances concepts
    • Apportionment of input tax
    • Withholding sales tax
    • Input disallowed
    • Quantitative reconciliations
    • Sales tax refunds and audits