Conditions of Registration

  1. A person applying to become a registered student shall be required to apply in form “XI” and produce evidence to the satisfaction of the Council that he:

CTM Program

  1. is not less than eighteen years of age on the date of his/her application; and 
  2. has passed Intermediate or A Level Examinations; or
  3. holds any education equivalent to the Intermediate or A Level qualification.

CTA Program

  1. is CTM qualified; or
  2. has acquired a relevant degree (fourteen years of education) of any university recognized by the Higher Education Commission, or equivalent.

2. A student whose registration has been ceased because of any reason shall be required to apply for readmission by paying a fee as prescribed by the Council from time to time. The application of readmission as student shall be on form “XII” and shall be submitted to the Students and Members Committee.