Why to Attend This Course:

Independent appraisal of tax laws and deliberating the latest developments therein is perceived to be a selection and promotional criteria for a middle-level employee, an experienced tax practitioner and new entrant of a family member to the business houses. This diploma shall enable you to distinct yourself from peers, consequently putting you at better place in terms of financial benefits and reliability.

Who Should Attend This Course?

Middle level employees seeking to develop a niche area in their practical career and reach a pre-set goal ultimately achieving its objective alive. Modern organizations expect a reasonable / reliable understanding of relevant tax laws from their middle level staff due to the fact that tax is an integral part of every transaction either in the form of direct or indirect tax.

Program Overview:

  • Tax credits
  • Collection and deduction of tax at source
  • Final and minimum tax
  • Advance tax under section 147
  • Income Tax return & withholding statements
  • Preparation & submission of income tax return
  • Preparation & submission of withholding statements